Sinfully Scrumptious And Sustainable? Absolutely.

Consider The Midwinter Strawberry. Served Out Of Season (And Flown Thousands Of Miles As A Result), It Bears Scant Resemblance To The Rich, Decadent Strawberry Served In Warm Weather Months.

This underscores why our team strongly believes in fresh, local ingredients served in season. If it can be driven to Atlanta in one day, we consider that local. It’s more efficient, cost-effective, green and delicious this way. Your food doesn’t need to rack up frequent-flyer miles. 

At A Divine Event, anything currently in season is sourced locally from regional farms and ranches. As of 2011, all of our menus are seasonal—and as a result, largely local. As a result, we’re implementing an entirely U.S. made menu of artisanal cheeses -- every bit the equal of those flown across the Atlantic Ocean.

As food culture continues to move from the “3,000-mile Caesar salad” to more sustainable, farm-to-table options, we’re helping lead the charge. Some of our local suppliers include Sweetgrass Dairy, Belle Chevre Creamery and Springer Mountain Farms.