Catering Menus

When it comes to weddings and special events, there’s one thing that guests will remember more than the décor, the weather or the mingling. It’s the one element that can make or break the lasting memory of the entire occasion, and that’s the FOOD!

When you’re heading off to a corporate event, wedding or holiday bash have you ever thought “I hope the food is good, ‘cause I’m starving!” Well, Welcome to A Divine Event! Wickedly Delicious! Heaven on a Plate and Sin in a Glass!

Before you keep scrolling, we know our catering menu variety is divine, so try to resist nibbling at the pictures. Invest enough patience for us to work our devilish magic, and we’ll richly deliver on what’s promised here. 

We offer a variety of food to help you celebrate any occasion. The catering menu below encompasses a few select samples of what we do here at A Divine Event. We offer everything from southern cuisine to cultural dishes, all feature locally sourced vegetables, poultry, beef and cheeses. If you want to know more about the decadent delights we prepare at A Divine Event, give us a shout!