Mary Fifield



Mary started in the flower business a week before Valentine’s Day at a local florist in her hometown of Atlanta.  Needing a job for an internship while going to college for a Merchandising Degree, a florist had just opened up around the corner from her home and she quickly applied and was accepted.  As time went on Mary attended the Buddy Benz School of Design in Houston Texas where she learned and gained confidence in herself and her designs.  After working with a number of key players in the design industry, Mary opened her own business which she had for a number of years in the Roswell area. 

In 2002 Mary wanted to spend more time raising her three children, so she took a job involving less demands.  Now with the children grown and living their own lives, Mary has returned to what made her heart sing - FLOWERS!  Mary has a deep passion for the love and beauty flowers bring into one’s life.