Kristin Mintz

General manager


As Kristin Mintz observes, Capricorns are known for being models of stability. They are the planners, calculators and makers of lists. And Mintz is no exception. Particularly in her current role as general manager, the only thing she loves more than making lists is crossing items off them. She gets a mischievous gleam in her eye as she admits she'd put brushing her teeth on a list just so she could slice it in half later with ballpoint ink. 

Kristin is hardly a newcomer to catering, having spent 14 years at sister company Magic Moments before arriving at A Divine Event, beginning as a bartender before quickly gaining more responsibility. It's been a bit of an adjustment moving from venue-based to off-premise events, but Kristin relishes the challenge of a new environment. Yes, there are a lot more variables and "shades of grey" (as opposed to the "black-and-white" of a venue environment) but guess what? That just means more things to put on one of those handy lists—then more things to cross off.

And the lists are just a means to an end—that being the delight of her clients. "I love to see a vision become a reality when an event comes together," she says. "Planning often takes a lot of long hours and a lot of double checking, but the result is totally worth it. There's really no greater thrill than seeing a client completely happy with an event."

Working at a company with such divinely delectable food as a calling card has other benefits, she slyly notes. "The chefs are always coming up with new items and testing them on us. We love it when they make lunch. It's the best perk ever."