Jennifer Newberry

Director Of Staffing And Training


If there’s one thing Jennifer is known for, it’s setting high goals and consistently exceeding them. Her work ethic, eye for detail, and lead-by-example style helped execute flawless events at Primrose Cottage and other Magic Moments properties for fourteen years. 

Now, she’s taken on a new role in continuing to hold A Divine Event’s staff to the high standards she set, ensuring they remain the most confident, courteous, and efficient event team in the Southeast U.S.

Jennifer found her calling in the service industry at a young age, quickly rising through the ranks of restaurants until, at age nineteen, she was a manager at Houston’s Restaurant while pursuing her business degree at Kennesaw State University. After graduating with a focus in Human Resources, she joined a large healthcare organization, gaining real-world experience in human resources and recruiting, and also managing internal events for thousands of employees.

Once more feeling the call of the service industry, she found that Magic Moments combined her two loves of service and weddings, and she has helped define, cultivate, and train our team since she joined it in the year 2000.

“It takes more than hard work to succeed in this industry,” Jennifer says. “It takes passion. I was already a hard worker when I found the company, but Kendall and Teresa helped cultivate the passion, and now that permeates everything I do.”