Donna Holland


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After ‘accidentally’ falling into the catering business over 20 years ago, Donna Holland has worn many hats at both A Divine Event and sister company Magic Moments.

“I think I was actually the very first employee at Magic Moments.  Kendall and Teresa asked me to help with their first event and I was bussing tables and washing dishes.  They must have liked the way I did something, because they kept asking me to come back for each event.” 

Eventually becoming responsible for the culinary department, Donna helped develop menus, recipes, ordering & supply processes, and quality control systems.  After a brief period living in Colorado with her two children, Donna returned to Magic Moments as an Event Planner and then moved into the accounting department, where she was responsible for payroll and bookkeeping.  

Now Director of Human Resources, Donna is helping guide the company into the next generation.

“Over the years I have been able to gain experience in every aspect of the catering and event industry.  I am a true ‘foodie’ still, but being able to work with so many great people, many for over two decades, I know that a ‘Divine’ event cannot occur without a ‘Divine’ staff.  And that’s exactly what we have here.  When our clients tell us how happy they were with their event, they almost always make specific mention of how great the staff was.  From the operations team, to the culinary and event staff, each person makes their contribution to the success of the events, and the clients see their efforts in the end result.”