Event Spotlight: Network Athens At The Georgia Museum of Art

“An Exclusive Showing” shines the spotlight on a very clever ensemble of buffets designed for a networking event hosted by Network Athens at The Georgia Museum of Art. Taking advantage of the setting, we designed each food station to include an artsy element along with a witty play on words giving the very differently designed buffets a sense of unity. Showcasing artists’ palettes, pictures frames and a collection of faux antique chairs, this networking event gave the 300 young professionals something to talk about. 0055 0047 A Salumi Color “Palate” In front of this station on an easel, a painter’s palette introduces A Salumi Color “Palate” using the two homonyms to deftly connect food with presentation. Our custom-built, oversized Bento Box doubles as our painter’s palette filled with a colorful display of meats, cheeses, salads and breads. From such a variety, guests can mix and blend flavors to suit each individual “palate” much like an artist mixes colors to please the eye. 0063 0057 0044 Because the top is designed with divided sections like an artist’s palette, we experimented with various serving pieces and menu items to fill the spaces. We carefully arranged the food on white ceramic platters and bowls to look like dollops of color waiting to be blended. In keeping with the food presentation, we used clear glass rectangular vases filled with an assortment of artisan baked breads and bristly rosemary as our centerpiece---much like an artist leaves paint brushes tucked in a jar. 0051 0042 0139 A "Seated" Buffet Elevated on blocks entitled “A Seated Buffet”, a series of chairs occupy the center of the gallery. As guests notice the food on trays placed on the actual chair seats utilized as levels, they either giggle or laugh out loud. As the sign on the easel suggests, this display is meant to be eaten---perhaps a bit of performance art in the making. 0019 0022 0003 Trays of assorted artisanal breads filled the seats of each chair served with a trio of spreads: Pesto Goat Cheese, Parmesan Artichoke and Basil Burrata. Roasted Peppers, Eggplant Tapenade, Chopped Artichokes and Tomato, Basil & Herbs were offered on the side. Presented in pairs, the chairs mirror each other creating a user-friendly, two-sided buffet. 0027 b 0079 0032 0140 Portrait of a "Meat" ball Again, a witty play on words helps define the menu and presentation. For this annual “Meet” & Greet, we offered Portrait of a “Meat" Ball.. After all, what could be appropriate in a museum setting than a portrait gallery? Using our square, white Ikea shelving unit, we enhanced some of the cubbyholes with brightly colored painted frames. From a stack of seen-better-days, ornate frames, we reworked them to fit their new homes using Velcro to temporarily attach them. Forks, napkins, business cards and other information guests wished to share filled the unframed spaces giving new meaning to "Meet” & Greet. With our gallery in place, a six-foot table behind the portrait wall serves as a working station for our chef to assemble handcrafted meatballs with a tomato vodka sauce served over farro grains. As each meatball is completed, our Chef places the small plate in one of the cubbyholes marked from behind so that it is presented in a frame as seen from the front.

2014Tori HannaA