Dear Athens, We Love You Too.

One of the best presents a Marketing person can get, right before she leaves for Christmas vacation, is for that jolly little mailman (who always hums Motown songs and kinda smells like French Toast) to walk in the door with two brown packages containing two magazines featuring two articles about our little 'ole A Divine Event. Squeeks and squeels of joy flow from my office and while my co-workers assume maybe my Brad Pitt fan club acceptance letter came in the mail early, they'd be wrong, because nothing warms my teeny weeeny little marketing heart more than seeing our name in print. AND, I've got a little secret. There's much, much more to come in Spring of 2011! Just how much though...well you'll have to wait to find that out. I can only convey so much excitement in one blog. If I wrote about each and every publication we're going to be in in one sitting, my teeny weeeny little marketing heart might explode. So as you check out both articles below as well as some photo's from our Athens Open House (which was AWESOME btw) please know that I am doing my infamous "excited dance" around the Divine office. And.....people are laughing at me. If that doesn't get your holidays off to a funny start then I don't know what will. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

2010Tori HannaA