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We are so proud to announce that our very own Senior Account Executive was quoted in the newest version of Brides Atlanta! A Divine Event could not be more pleased to have Lacy Wilhoit in our corner bringing fresh new ideas to the table. In this article she talks about two signature dishes from A Divine Event, one safe and one that pushes the envelope.

Play It Safe

"We call it Country Captain Chicken. It’s a sautéed chicken breast in a curried tomato, pepper, and onion stew dotted with currants and toasted almonds, served over arborio rice or red potato mashers,” says Lacy. "This dish might sound exotic, but it’s well known among Southerners. It’s very common to see chicken served at weddings, but this preparation is not something you encounter too often, and those who haven't tasted it before will enjoy a real Southern dish. We serve this in bowls, with crusty bread to dip in the sauce-a very Southern touch.”

Push The Envelope

Lacy eloquently describes our Coffee-braised short ribs in espresso sauce and Adobo-Cilantro Mashers (red potatoes churned in ancho cream and mixed with roasted corn), both sprinkled with pickled green tomato and avocado relish and drizzled with cilantro oil. "Beef short ribs are popular among foodies, and guest with simpler tastes love to see beef on a menu.. The Adobo-Cilantro Mashers are a modern take on mashed potatoes; guests familiar with international cuisines will enjoy the unique preparation, and those with simpler palates will appreciate the more familiar elements.”

Lacy Wilhoit joined A Divine Event in October when she moved from Washington D.C. to Atlanta. In D.C., Lacy was a part of an upscale catering company called Design Cuisine where she catered for prominent social and political figures. Look for more food ideas from her and A Divine Event!

Warmest, Jaimi

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