A Divine Director of Sales

An early Christmas present? Well, lucky, lucky us! robyn With over thirteen years of experience in the Atlanta hospitality industry, we are thrilled to introduce our new Director of Sales, Robyn Gunter. In joining our divine team, Robyn brings sales experience gleaned from some of the best companies and venues around town, such as The Georgian Terrace hotel, Piedmont Park Conservancy, Novare Events, and Restaurant Associates at the Woodruff Arts Center. And how does Robyn feel about selling wickedly delicious food? “For us, it’s going to be about fresh, about sustainability and that there’s a team behind what we do; someone who’s there every step of the way to make sure the event is going well,” she relates. “And we’d put our food up against anybody else’s. Our tastings are the proof of that.” Amen. Check out her complete bio here.

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