Alyssa Craig

Kitchen Manager

Alyssa_craig (1).jpg

As a teenager, Alyssa always knew she wanted to be a Chef. “I never considered any career besides cooking,” she recalls. “I decided when I was very young, and I have been on that path ever since.” She went straight into culinary school from high school, graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, and then diving straight into a Business Management degree at Kennesaw State University.  Alyssa is very well rounded, having worked both Front-of-the-house and back-of-the house, from an Italian restaurant to a Country Club. During her five year career with the Country Club, she was able to hone her skills and discover a deeper interest in catering events beyond the club. Her experiences in school and work have shaped her to become an excellent Kitchen Manager. 

Alyssa says her favorite part of working with A Divine Event is seeing the final event come together. She says, “It really shows how hard the whole team worked, and all the passion and talent that goes into each part of the event.” Even when she is away from work, Alyssa is always planning parties. From friend’s weddings to Halloween, Alyssa exhibits her creativity and hard work.