Catering Atlanta

Design Studio Warehouse Manager

Javier is a bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades.  Throughout his career, Javier has worked in many different industries.  From managing a wholesale grocery business back in Mexico to remodeling homes here in the States, he has done quite a bit.  For the last 10 years, Javier has been in the Special Event Industry.  In 2004, Javier began working for A Divine Event as a dishwasher but quickly moved up in the company.   Due to his admirable work ethic and impeccable character, he has progressed in the business and is now the Operations Manager for A Divine Event Design Studio. 

Always willing to lend a hand, Javier has become integral to the day to day operations at the Design Studio.  Throughout our company, Javier is known for his "devilish" sense of humor.  Just ask anyone and I'm sure they have a story about some prank where Javier was the mastermind.

Design Studio Warehouse Manager Javier Rodriguez | A Divine Event