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We’ve been carrying on a passionate love affair with food for more than a decade now. Spurred by divine inspiration and a devilish desire to create food that’s wickedly delicious, it’s an affair to savor.

It’s about the food

Of course, we feature divine design, smooth organization, and caring, attentive service when catering an event—but so do many others. However, at A Divine Event, it's our food that elevates us above the rest of the Atlanta caterers and where we truly shine. Because if the food isn’t treacherously tasty and mischievously mouthwatering… what’s the point?

What is wickedly delicious?

We believe in a few key things—things we believe make all the difference: fresh ingredients, local and seasonal food, and simple preparation that allows our food to indeed shine. We also believe in our guarded cache of recipes, handed down from our families, to bring a unique, personal touch to your event.

“When we say ‘fresh,’ we mean it,” notes Sandra Moyers, our chef de cuisine. “We don’t mean ‘fresh frozen.’ And we certainly don’t buy prefab product from wholesale stores. In fact, even our salad dressings are hand-crafted.”

From our decades of experience as Atlanta caterers, we’re well aware of the challenges inherent in catering. So we know which dishes work well when loaded onto trucks and delivered to your event… and which ones don’t. So, relax, have a drink and savor our wickedly delicious food; allow us to sort through the logistics.


We are Atlanta caterers for the foodie. We create wickedly delicious dishes.