Is scandalously scrumptious food most appropriate at a corporate event? A wedding? A life celebration? Our answer: yes!


We understand that wickedly delicious food that goes over budget is just—well—wicked. So in addition to cuisine that makes your corporate event one to savor, we pay as much attention to the bottom line as you do, and we happily work with budgets large and small.

Not to mention the fact that after hiring us, your higher-ups are likely to think of your work as positively angelic. (It happens regularly. Just ask our many satisfied past clients.)

Our work for corporate clients is quick, efficient and cost-effective, which must be why we have so much repeat business. And we never forget that your event is a reflection of your company. So why cut corners?


Having catered more weddings than we can count by now, we understand that no two are alike. (Brides have a way of insisting on that.)

So how do we approach your wedding? It all begins with listening to you, understanding your tastes and personality and then recommending a mischievously mouthwatering menu that meshes seamlessly with who you are and what you want.

But it doesn’t end with the menu. As a full-service caterer, we can help you find the right venue and also help connect you with other professionals to make your big day flawlessly fantastic. We’re uniquely qualified to handle the pressure and stress so you can keep dreaming.

Life Celebrations

Whether a birthday, anniversary or a Bar Mitzvah, the one inescapable thing about a life celebration is that it’s about the person (or persons) being celebrated. As such, there’s no such thing as an “off the rack” celebration—each is tailored to fit, from the theme to the menu.

So we work closely with you and your budget to deliver a unique, never-to-be-duplicated event. Thanks to our way with wickedly delicious food, we go beyond “good enough” to create an event that will leave your guests talking. And nothing makes a life celebration memorable like one of our menus—expertly planned and rapturously executed.

And while many may settle for simply meeting your expectations, we strive to exceed them. Always.

Signature Dish


Salad Trio

These three salads are great healthy alternatives to leafy green salads we’re all accustomed to! 
The Earthiness of the Red and Golden Beets is subdued by pickling them and adding the sweetness of the Orange segments and the tart Cider Vinaigrette give this salad a true Southern flare.
The paper thin sliced Rainbow Radishes and Pink Lady Peas really make this Red Quinoa Salad pop.  The crunchy Cucumbers and smooth Avocados add nice texture to the chewy Quinoa and the White Balsamic Vinaigrette brings it all together nicely.
Kabocha Squash adds a beautiful contrast to this rich Black Rice salad.  Pairing with sweet Golden Raisins, nutty Toasted Pecans, fresh Cilantro and Raspberry Vinaigrette give this salad a clean, fragrant feel. Check out menus
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