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Once a year The Bert Show on Atlanta's Q100 radio station promotes a charity event called "Bert's Big Adventure". Bert's Big Adventure gives children with chronic or terminal disease an all expenses paid first class trip to Walt Disney World for an entire week. This auction raises the money required to take each child's family as well as a medical team to care for the children during the trip. As the featured Live Auction item, we raised a substantial sum for the special families of Bert's Big Adventure.


For the past two years, the Country Club of Roswell has held live and silent auctions in order to raise money to contribute to this charity. This year A Divine Event and Little Gardens were pleased to participate for the second year by donating a wedding package valued at $75,000 for their Featured Live Auction. Together with our vendors, we donated the following services to make one special bride's wedding dreams come true:

-Seated Served dinner at Little Gardens, one of Magic Moments' award-winning venues
-Catering by A Divine Event
-Top Shelf Full Premium bar
-Wedding Gown, Groom's Tuxedo, Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen Tuxedo's by Savvi Formalwear
-Customized Wedding Cake by For Goodness Cakes
-Custom designed linens by Cover-Ups Linens and Decor Equipment by Accent Decor
-Invitations by Swoozies
-DJ and Entertainment Services by Black Tie Events
-Hair and Makeup by Raney O'Keefe
-Professional Photography Package by Blume Photography
-Limousine services by Cooper-Atlanta Transportation
-Floral décor package up to a $20,000 value designed by A Divine Event's Design Studio with flowers donated by Van's, EKI, Rose Bazaar and Cut Flower.


The auction took place on August 17, 2013 at the Country Club of Roswell. The highest bidding couple, Ashley Perkins and Andy Knutson, won the featured auction for $28,000, with all proceeds going to Bert's Big Adventure. Their wedding took place at Little Gardens on July 24, 2014. "Giving away a fully inclusive wedding such as this is something that you see on Oprah but not every day in Atlanta," says Nicole Hufnagel, Event Designer at A Divine Event. "When I heard about it on the radio, I knew right away that it was something A Divine Event would want to be a part of. When I presented the idea to the rest of our team, everyone was on board immediately. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to be involved with this project from its conception. To be honest, I am blown away at the generosity of all of the vendors that have donated their services to bring this vision to life. It is truly an honor to have been the catalyst in something so rewarding."

After a wonderful experience with such an honorable charity, A Divine Event is sure to be instrumental in other great causes for our community in the near future. For anyone interested in helping or finding out more information about Bert's Big adventure please visit www.bertsbigadventure.org




Seventh 1










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Twenty 1 Twenty 2

Twenty One

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Twenty Five

“An Exclusive Showing” shines the spotlight on a very clever ensemble of buffets designed for a networking event hosted by Network Athens at The Georgia Museum of Art.  Taking advantage of the setting, we designed each food station to include an artsy element along with a witty play on words giving the very differently designed buffets a sense of unity.  Showcasing artists’ palettes, pictures frames and a collection of faux antique chairs, this networking event gave the 300 young professionals something to talk about.

0055 0047

A Salumi Color “Palate”
In front of this station on an easel, a painter’s palette introduces A Salumi Color “Palate” using the two homonyms to deftly connect food with presentation.  Our custom-built, oversized Bento Box doubles as our painter’s palette filled with a colorful display of meats, cheeses, salads and breads.  From such a variety, guests can mix and blend flavors to suit each individual “palate” much like an artist mixes colors to please the eye.


0057 0044

Because the top is designed with divided sections like an artist’s palette, we experimented with various serving pieces and menu items to fill the spaces.  We carefully arranged the food on white ceramic platters and bowls to look like dollops of color waiting to be blended.  In keeping with the food presentation, we used clear glass rectangular vases filled with an assortment of artisan baked breads and bristly rosemary as our centerpiece---much like an artist leaves paint brushes tucked in a jar.




A "Seated" Buffet
Elevated on blocks entitled “A Seated Buffet”, a series of chairs occupy the center of the gallery.  As guests notice the food on trays placed on the actual chair seats utilized as levels, they either giggle or laugh out loud.  As the sign on the easel suggests, this display is meant to be eaten---perhaps a bit of performance art in the making.

0019 0022

Trays of assorted artisanal breads filled the seats of each chair served with a trio of spreads:   Pesto Goat Cheese, Parmesan Artichoke and Basil Burrata.  Roasted Peppers, Eggplant Tapenade, Chopped Artichokes and Tomato, Basil & Herbs were offered on the side.  Presented in pairs, the chairs mirror each other creating a user-friendly, two-sided buffet.



0079 0032


Portrait of a "Meat" ball
Again, a witty play on words helps define the menu and presentation.  For this annual “Meet” & Greet, we offered Portrait of a “Meat" Ball..  After all, what could be appropriate in a museum setting than a portrait gallery? Using our square, white Ikea shelving unit, we enhanced some of the cubbyholes with brightly colored painted frames.  From a stack of seen-better-days, ornate frames, we reworked them to fit their new homes using Velcro to temporarily attach them.  Forks, napkins, business cards and other information guests wished to share filled the unframed spaces giving new meaning to "Meet” & Greet.   


With our gallery in place, a six-foot table behind the portrait wall serves as a working station for our chef to assemble handcrafted meatballs with a tomato vodka sauce served over farro grains.  As each meatball is completed, our Chef places the small plate in one of the cubbyholes marked from behind so that it is presented in a frame as seen from the front. 

a e


g f


Romancing The Bride is a unique bridal show experience held at Primrose Cottage in historic Roswell where we have the opportunity to show off our skills as culinary masters and decor designers. This initmate showcase offers guests sample menu selections, signature drinks, custom floral designs and the chance to meet with Atlanta's top wedding vendors such as DJ's and Photographers. Take a peek at our July showcase featuring our upcoming Fall design trends in the style of "Organic Chic". This theme incorporates natural wood, rustic installation pieces, potted plants, and miniature terrarium gardens and can be interpreted in different ways for different budgets.  





Primrose_Cottage_Wedding_Showcase_10 Primrose_Cottage_Wedding_Showcase_5

Drumroll please….allow us to introduce Cloverleaf Farm, the newest addition to the collection of venues by our sister company Magic Moments. Cloverleaf Farm is an exquisite manor house and special event venue set amidst a 30-acre farm just outside of Athens in Arnoldsville, Georgia. 

Although built in 1859 with all the expected character of an older home, the unexpected furnishings give it a fresh twist. This, combined with its incredible surroundings (including horse barn, pastures, pecan grove, tree-lined lanes, vineyard, flower borders and formal, brick-enclosed courtyard garden) creates an event location unrivalled in beauty. 

CF_3 CF_46
Built by Mordicai Edwards as a gift to his young bride Martha who desired the grandest house in the county, Cloverleaf Farm with its Ballroom and upstairs guest quarters welcomed all. Once reserved for traveling guests, the upstairs area and private veranda with a sweeping view of the farm now serve as a gracious suite for the Bride and her attendants. From the back portico leading into the home’s original Ballroom, the aged heart of pine flooring glows from the mellow light cast by the whimsical Baroque wooden crystal chandeliers. Here guests receive their first clue that this historic property might not be as expected. Hallelujah!

CF_1 CF_24

In grand scale befitting the size of the rooms, the furnishings are an eclectic, fun mix inspired by furniture styles and designs from bygone eras. From the oversized gilded Corinthian entablature cocktail table in the front gathering room to the rustic, iron pulley lights suspended over either end of the bar (made of wood from a 350 year old oak), these singular pieces speak of a pride in workmanship echoing the skill set of generations past.

Across the front of this impressive façade, instead of the massive columns usually associated with antebellum homes, a series of slender, finely crafted cloverleaf columns lend a delicate, almost feminine quality that gives this stately country home a beguiling appearance. Unique to the Athens/Lexington area, these cloverleaf columns exist on but a few remaining homes---perhaps the best known, the Cobb-Treanor House in downtown Athens on Lumpkin Street. When seen in cross section, these columns present a cloverleaf pattern traditionally known as a quatrefoil. This ancient design motif consists of four equal lobes or leaves used as an ornamental design found in architecture, textiles, furniture and jewelry.

CF_28 CF_11 
In Christianity, these leaves have been used to symbolize the four evangelists of the Bible, the Holy Trinity united with its church and even a variation of the Christian cross. In North American culture, it is believed to depict the ends of the earth---North, South, East and West---and as a Celtic symbol, “the wheel of being”. A medieval, knightly symbol steeped in mysticism, the cloverleaf is also the bearer of good luck, hope and joy.


Occurring naturally in nature, this curious shape can even be found in vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. In art and architecture, it is a decorative framework consisting of a symmetrical shape that forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles of the same diameter. Look for touches of the cloverleaf motif throughout the 27-acre farm especially in the layout of the front fountain and the curvilinear lines of the garden inspired by this odd icon so chocked-full of meaning.

CF_49 CF_53
With this unique design feature in mind, the name Cloverleaf pays homage to the quatrefoil, acknowledges the land’s heritage as a horse farm and suggests a fresh, green outlook in attitude. The surrounding out buildings, horse barn, pastures, pecan grove, tree-lined lanes, vineyard, perennial flower borders and formal, brick-enclosed courtyard garden all framed by an endless white fence create multiple options for a Bride to express herself. Lucky, indeed, is the Bride that happens upon Cloverleaf Farm.

CF_48 CF_56
CF_32 CF_13
CF_21 CF_44

For more information about Cloverleaf Farm please visit www.cloverleaffarmevents.com or call 706-543-1111. 
To check out other Magic Moments venues visit:

Special thanks to our photographer contributors:
Lytle Foto www.imageryforlife.com and www.hollielytlephotography.blogspot.com
ZoomWorks www.zoom-works.com
Jason Thrasher Photography www.thrasherphoto.com







Shaved. Melted. Mixed. How amazing that this enormous wheel of cheese serves as both an ingredient and a bowl. In one dish, the Chef spoons warm risotto into the Parmigiano-Reggiano bowl and folds it into the sides to create an unforgettably creamy risotto that melts in your mouth. In another, the Chef shaves the inside of the wheel and tosses crisp garden lettuce, vegetables and housemade garlic croutons to produce a traditional Caesar salad. When served together they make quite a wonderful small plate combination. Choose from three different tastes: Wild Mushrooms, Leek & Roasted Tomato RisottoSun-dried Tomato, Truffle Oil & Roasted Garlic RisottoLobster Mac & Cheese - Lobster, Baby Peas, Shallots, Prosciutto, Capers, Fried Basil


Second  Third 
Replacement_Left  Replacement_Right      
Fifth  Sixth
Left  Right

A cute little idea finally grows up. What caterer hasn't served an hors d'oeuvre in a martini glass? Some have been so bold as to even use other glassware. After being kicked around, overused and abused, this simple idea of serving food in a glass, combined with a play on the words "Bar Food", morphs into a sophisticated, innovative concept. "From Aperitif to Digestif", guests revel in a totally new "fine dining" experience. Not only is each course offered in the appropriate glassware associated with the alcohol-turned-ingredient, but is also served in the order it would be at a formal dinner. Whew!


Okay, open your mind. Ready? We have a question to pose. At an event, what if the bar and buffet traded places --- not just location, but basic concept, function and presentation? Talk about instant challenges! For a casual, end of the year, drop-in-after-work, celebration party for a small company, that's just what happened. The invite said stop by for drinks and "Bar Food". With guests eager to pat each other on the back for a wonderful year and brag a bit about themselves, toasts were definitely in order. So why not make it both the focus and theme for the evening?

Beer Nuts Wine

Contemplating the celebratory nature of the gathering, we began to think about the bar, the glassware and just how many types of drinks you could serve. And then it happened - the shift in thought from alcohol to food and the realization of the connection between the two. Let's use all glassware to serve a fun menu from start to finish --- "From Aperitif to Digestif". And while we're at it, let's design each menu item to include an alcohol related ingredient served in its proper glass. As if that is not challenge enough, let's present the courses in the order the beverage would be served at a formal dinner. Are you still with us?


In a chic, little jewel of a venue with a hip nightclub ambience, a sleek bar commands attention with its rich mahogany wood front, subway tile boarder and black marble top. Behind the bar, four sets of mod chrome and glass shelves beg to be included in the concept. With five shelves per unit, a different glassware is showcased on each shelf in the order it will be presented. As a guest comes up to place an order, the chef "bartender" grabs the appropriate glass from the shelf and begins blending the ingredients.

As guests arrive, a hand passed tray of Sherry glasses filled with a warm creamy Lobster Bisque laced with actual Sherry (often used as an opener to sharpen the palate), welcomes all in from the cold. Used as our "Aperitif", the fortified soup sip sets the stage for what is to come.

Holiday_Event_21 Holiday_Event_154

Because of the small number of guests arriving in a slow, steady stream, staff could offer some direction to this fun, innovative concept. Staged on the bar as if announcing the available beverage choices for the night, a menu lists the various courses to be served along with the evening's glassware paired with its appropriate alcohol. Chefs suggest that the courses be enjoyed in sequence, but quickly add to order whatever you like. If you want dessert first; do it. We're all adults here.

Holiday_Event_13 Holiday_Event_77

On the top shelf, salt-rimmed margarita glasses wait to be snatched. A dollop of just-made guacamole splashed with aged Cabo Wabo Tequila fills the well of the glass served with in-house made chips and strips of Jicama. Like a margarita cocktail enjoyed before dinner, this guacamole appetizer becomes the first savory course offered from the bar.

Holiday_Event_116 Holiday_Event_145

For the second course, an old fashioned champagne glass serves up a festive Beet Salad with Citrus Champagne Vinaigrette. Often served before dinner, champagne pairs well with this fancy dressed up the salad.

Holiday_Event_148 Holiday_Event_111

A martini glass provides the ideal vessel for Penne Pasta with Vodka Cream Sauce made with top-shelf Grey Goose --- a clever tie in with a vodka martini.

Holiday_Event_72 Holiday_Event_107

Presented in a white wine glass, a chardonnay reduction beautifully compliments this Greek Chicken Roulade on a skewer with Rice. For this dish we paired it with Beringer Chardonnay.

Holiday_Event_150 Holiday_Event_102

Reserved for our most hearty course, we select 2008 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon to create a savory red wine sauce to top Braised Beef served over Truffle Mashed Potatoes presented in a grand red wine glass. Sommeliers everywhere would be pleased.

Beef_2 Beef

But there is something missing. Since the chefs have claimed the bar, then what are these people drinking? On the other side of the room, we've set up a mock buffet with an assortment of beers, wines, sodas, ice and glasses for guests to help themselves. Staff, of course, are there to assist with service as with any well maintained buffet. The banquet tables, grand centerpiece, linens and risers offer a convincing argument that this set up is indeed a buffet. With the switch complete, guests have no problem falling into this new reality. The invitation said stop by for Drinks and "Bar Food". Little did they know the culinary treat awaiting them. This concept elevates "Bar Food" to a whole new level.

Holiday_Event_2 Holiday_Event_5

Behind the bar, chefs work at self-contained stations hidden from view to quickly fill a request no matter what the selection from the menu. With these easy to assemble courses, some can even be staged on the bar for quick access such as the guacamole and salad. Requests for hot items come together quicker than ordering a drink.

Holiday_Event_45 Holiday_Event_14

When it comes time for dessert, the bar traffic is now light enough to free two of the chefs to open the "Specialty Bars". Cherries Jubilee gets all the attention as the brandy in the sauce ignites and then subsides leaving a wonderful warm syrup to pour over cubes of freshly baked, buttery pound cake. With a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top presented in a delightful little brandy snifters, this dessert follows theme in grand fashion.

Holiday_Event_140 Holiday_Event_166 

Ready for coffee? Try a cup of Chilled Coffee Eggnog splashed with Irish Whiskey to warm the soul. Finished with a sprinkle of chocolate covered espresso beans, our in-house made holiday eggnog needs a spoon for guests to enjoy the cappuccino ice cream nestled at the bottom of the cup.

Holiday_Event_179 Holiday_Event_176

And just when you think there is not another piece of glassware to be had, out come chilled Limoncello glasses filled with Semifreddo Limoncello Gelato --- a sweet reminder of a favorite Italian Digestif.

Holiday_Event_157 Holiday_Event_163

Special thanks to The Atrium for being our host venue! Check out their website to see more photos of this stunning event space!

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