Sinfully scrumptious and sustainable? Absolutely.

Consider the midwinter strawberry. Served out of season (and flown thousands of miles as a result), it bears scant resemblance to the rich, decadent strawberry served in warm weather months.

All this underscores why our team strongly believes in fresh, local ingredients served in season. If it can be driven to Atlanta in one day, we consider that local. It’s just more efficient, cost-effective and green—not to mention wickedly delicious—without the need for your food to rack up frequent-flyer miles.

So at A Divine Event, anything currently in season is sourced locally from regional farms and ranches. In 2011, all of our menus will be seasonal—and as a result, largely local. Already we’re implementing an entirely U.S. made menu of artisanal cheeses, every bit the equal of those flown across the Atlantic Ocean.

As food culture continues to move from the “3,000-mile Caesar salad” to more sustainable, farm-to-table options, we’re helping lead the charge. Some of our local suppliers include Sweetgrass Dairy, Belle Chevre Creamery and Springer Mountain Farms.

Signature Dish


Salad Trio

These three salads are great healthy alternatives to leafy green salads we’re all accustomed to! 
The Earthiness of the Red and Golden Beets is subdued by pickling them and adding the sweetness of the Orange segments and the tart Cider Vinaigrette give this salad a true Southern flare.
The paper thin sliced Rainbow Radishes and Pink Lady Peas really make this Red Quinoa Salad pop.  The crunchy Cucumbers and smooth Avocados add nice texture to the chewy Quinoa and the White Balsamic Vinaigrette brings it all together nicely.
Kabocha Squash adds a beautiful contrast to this rich Black Rice salad.  Pairing with sweet Golden Raisins, nutty Toasted Pecans, fresh Cilantro and Raspberry Vinaigrette give this salad a clean, fragrant feel. Check out menus

What People Say

"The event was a HUGE success! I can’t tell you how much our clients and guests raved about the food."

- Sue Groszkiewicz, GH&I
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