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At A Divine Event, we watch over your event like a band of guardian angels. While no one here owns wings, what we do own is decades of catering experience, a shelf full of culinary and event design awards, and a relish for the challenges of bringing wickedly delicious, restaurant-quality food to you… wherever that may be.

Kendall Collier & Teresa DayKendall Collier & Teresa Day

Founding Partners

Since 1987, we (Kendall & Teresa, founders of Magic Moments) have had an identity crises.  But after 25 years in business, we've finally solved it!  Starting with Flint Hill in Norcross, our first special event venue, we soon added a second, Primrose Cottage in Roswell.  Then there was the Atrium in Norcross, Little Gardens in Lilburn and now Cloverleaf Farm in Athens.  With so many names, we've had quite the marketing challenge. Read More >

Then in 2008 we entered the off-premise catering arena for a second time with the purchase of A Divine Event, adding another name to the mix.  (In 1997, we founded Legendary Events which we sold in 2003.)  So here it is simplified.  Magic Moments is the Mother company, each venue is marketed separately under its own name and A Divine Event provides all the services including catering, décor and planning for both on and off-premise events.  Whew!

All this doing yields the kind of experience that comes from a shared passion for the industry.  As award winning event specialist, we have served as leaders and teachers in the special event industry.  Belonging to professional associations such as the International Special Event Society, National Association of Catering Executives and International Caterers Association, keeps us fresh and on the cutting edge even after more than 25 years.  But perhaps our greatest feat is the talented and dedicated, can-do team of event professionals we have assembled to carry us well into the future. 
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Kristin MintzKristin Mintz

Director of Sales & General Manager

As Kristin Mintz observes, Capricorns are known for being models of stability. They are the planners, calculators and makers of lists. And Mintz is no exception. Particularly in her current role as a director of sales, the only thing she loves more than making lists is crossing items off them. She gets a mischievous gleam in her eye as she admits she'd put brushing her teeth on a list just so she could slice it in half later with ballpoint ink. Read More >

Kristin is hardly a newcomer to catering, having spent 14 years at sister company Magic Moments before arriving at A Divine Event, beginning as a bartender before quickly gaining more responsibility. It's been a bit of an adjustment moving from venue-based to off-premise events, but Kristin relishes the challenge of a new environment. Yes, there are a lot more variables and "shades of grey" (as opposed to the "black-and-white" of a venue environment) but guess what? That just means more things to put on one of those handy lists—then more things to cross off.

And the lists are just a means to an end—that being the delight of her clients. "I love to see a vision become a reality when an event comes together," she says. "Planning often takes a lot of long hours and a lot of double checking, but the result is totally worth it. There's really no greater thrill than seeing a client completely happy with an event."

Working at a company with such divinely delectable food as a calling card has other benefits, she slyly notes. "The chefs are always coming up with new items and testing them on us. We love it when they make lunch. It's the best perk ever."
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Libby TerrellLibby Terrell

Director of Marketing

Libby Terrell stumbled upon marketing quite by accident. Being torn between her thinking, analytical side and also finding outlets for her creative, artistic nature, she first became certified as a neuromuscular therapist and then went on to study photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta. After school, she began working in sales at sister company Magic Moments. Read More >

"When I joined the sales team, I was still uncertain about the direction I wanted to take in terms of my career. When I got to know what inspired our clients and talking to them about how they discovered our company, I began really taking a closer look at our advertisements and websites for our venues. I realized everything was in desperate need of updating and no one was particularly interested in taking that huge project on."

In that moment the methodical, analytical mind that led her to neuromuscular therapy - and the artistic spirit that fuels her photographs - came together and inspired her. From that moment on, Terrell made it her mission to update and improve the company's marketing and visual identity.

"Marketing for me is a blend between art and methodology," she notes. "I'm a thinker, basically, but I've been an artist since I first had a crayon in my hand." After seven years at Magic Moments, overseeing both marketing and sales, A Divine Event brought Terrell in as Marketing Director to help work the same magic through a complete rebranding of the business. "I'm very thankful to be at A Divine Event while the company is going through this exciting process. It's a Marketing persons dream to be able to work on rebranding a company from the ground up and incorporating the amazing ideas we've come up with as a team."
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Sandra MoyersSandra Moyers

Executive Chef de Cuisine

If preparing wickedly delicious food is wrong, then Sandra Moyers, A Divine Event’s chef de cuisine, doesn’t want to be right. Indeed, the well-traveled Alabama native has been doing it all her life.
“As a little girl, if I was bored on a rainy day, I was going to cook something from a cookbook, not play a board game or watch TV,” she recalls. “My mom bought me this ‘Humpty Dumpty’ cookbook when I was four or five, and I made peanut butter-and-jelly French toast. In fact, I still make that—it’s pretty good!” Read More >

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with an extended externship in France, this seasoned globe-trotter is passionate about fresh, seasonal ingredients and hand-crafted regional cooking with international influences from every corner of the world. The menus she designs bear the stamp of her attention to detail and refusal to compromise her standards.

“I’m passionate about this industry,” she affirms. “At a restaurant, the menu is the same, even if it changes seasonally. But special events give you room for creativity. It’s never the same thing—every party is unique.”
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a-5Susana Braner

Senior Account Manager

Susana Braner comes to A Divine Event after having spent more than twenty years planning and coordinating weddings and events for some of Atlanta’s most prominent families.  She brings with her not only years of working in most of Atlanta’s finest venues but also the calm demeanor and attention to detail that earned her the title - “The Glue.” Read More >

“The best compliment I ever received from the mother of a bride was that I was like glue – I took all different parts of an event, managed all of the personalities involved, and became the glue that held everyone and everything together.” ” That was a WOW moment for me…I’d never thought about what I did in that way. I just listened well and did whatever it took to make the lives of my clients and their families easier and more comfortable for the time I was involved.”

Having received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations from Georgia State University more years ago than she cares to admit, Susana started planning community events for Crawford Long Hospital of Emory University as their Director of Community Relations. 

“Putting together events for the local community was where my love affair with the industry started.  I loved meeting new people all the time and loved the variety of every day.”

After Crawford Long, the “nitty-gritty” work started when she became Director of Sales at a special events facility.  There, she not only sold all social and corporate events on site but off-premise as well. “Short of doing the dishes, I did it all.”  This experience is what launched her into a successful career as a wedding and event planner in 1994. “My relationship with A Divine Event and Magic Moments dates way back to my wedding directing days at Flint Hill. I’m so excited about coming full circle in my career and becoming part of the fabulous ADE Team.”
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010 ADIVEV D01162015Diane Park

Account Manager

Diane has always had a heart for helping others and it shows in her day-to-day assistance to our team. After graduating from the University of Georgia and spending a year in South Korea, she jet off to the bright lights of New York City where she had a hand in event planning and coordinating that has since fueled her passion for the event world, colliding her love of bringing people together and her thirst for creative expression. Read More >

After spending a couple of years up north, honing in her event skills ranging from serving and bartending to coordinating weddings and planning parties, she has come back to her southern roots and found inspiration in the one-of-a-kind events and creative showings that A Divine Event continues to offer, finding a cozy home with our wickedly wonderful team. 
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JillJill Cunningham

Sales & Events Director

Jill is a Jersey Girl with her feet firmly planted in Southern Hospitality.  Her “Mommom” is who she credits for her love of entertaining.  “She was the original Martha Stewart, my grandmother. She loved to not only cook and entertain, but garden and clean everything under the sun!”  Jill fell in love with the pace of the restaurant business at a young age, putting herself through college, waiting tables, bar tendering and eventually managing restaurants.  Read More >

A mentor suggested to her that she should go into the Country Club business and ultimately Event Planning and she has never looked back. Jill has worked for several high-end Country Clubs in the Atlanta area over the past decade. “The very best part of wedding planning is being able to journey through the experience with the Bride from start to finish. To go from an empty client file to a chockfull one is very personal and I own each of those weddings”.    She has the belief that it is not just the facility or venue that a bride is “booking” but the person behind it.  “Brides and their families need to be able to trust you with their day, and I am always honored that I have earned that trust.  

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Deb smallDeb Hagerty
Account Manager

As a young child, Deb planned, designed and catered all of her own events. Of course, this was back in simpler times when the grocery list just had to be approved by mom. After graduating from Lipscomb University, Deb spent some time teaching Irish Dance and tutoring math, but she still wasn’t confident either was the career she wanted to pursue. Her mom suggested event planning and, well, we all know that mothers know best! Read More >

As a Nashville transplant, Deb spends most of her time getting lost, stuck in traffic, and trying to find the perfect yoga studio in Atlanta. After a few years of event planning, she knew it was time to embark on a new adventure. When she came across A Divine Event, Deb knew it would be the perfect way to combine her love of food with her passion for impeccable events.

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Jennifer Newberry

Director of Staffing and Training

If there’s one thing Jennifer is known for, it’s setting high goals and consistently exceeding them. Her work ethic, eye for detail, and lead-by-example style helped execute flawless events at Primrose Cottage and other Magic Moments properties for fourteen years. Read More >

Now, she’s taken on a new role in continuing to hold A Divine Event’s staff to the high standards she set, ensuring they remain the most confident, courteous, and efficient event team in the Southeast U.S.

Jennifer found her calling in the service industry at a young age, quickly rising through the ranks of restaurants until, at age nineteen, she was a manager at Houston’s Restaurant while pursuing her business degree at Kennesaw State University. After graduating with a focus in Human Resources, she joined a large healthcare organization, gaining real-world experience in human resources and recruiting, and also managing internal events for thousands of employees.

Once more feeling the call of the service industry, she found that Magic Moments combined her two loves of service and weddings, and she has helped define, cultivate, and train our team since she joined it in the year 2000.

“It takes more than hard work to succeed in this industry,” Jennifer says. “It takes passion. I was already a hard worker when I found the company, but Kendall and Teresa helped cultivate the passion, and now that permeates everything I do.” 
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Patti Lotspeich

Director of Operations

Having worked in the special event industry for over twenty years, Patti has spent every one of those years working for Kendall Collier and Teresa Day. As a high school math teacher once upon a time, she was asked to help wash dishes and assist behind the scenes and as they say, the rest is history. Since then Patti has done it all – bartending, managing events, leading the operations team and more. As a math major, one can imagine the organizational skills Patti utilizes as our Director of Event Operations. She thrives on the logistics of all aspects of the events. Read More >

Whether it be transportation, equipment, staff or the venue, she juggles all responsibilities in an efficient and organized manner resulting in a successful event.
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Dee Ann Hansel

Controller and Business Strategies

Dee Ann comes to A Divine Event with a wealth of business experience.  A natural entrepreneur, Dee Ann began her own business in the early 1980’s playing the WTA’s professional Women’s tennis tour. After spending years traveling the world on the Grand Slam Circuit playing against the legends of tennis, she retired and became a professional tennis coach at the World Championship Tennis Club in Norcross and then Director of Tennis at Piedmont Park. Read More >

Leaving tennis, she spent many years as General Manager for a company providing promotional and awards items to the USTA.   In a natural progression, she formed her own printing and embroidery company to fulfill the needs of the tennis industry and its associations.

Joining A Divine Event in 2010, Dee Ann is the go-to gal for business strategy development and implementation.  She facilitated the company’s major move to its current facilities in Norcross, fondly called Cloud Nine, where she oversees technology and facility development and manages the Accounting Department.

“I competed in an individual sport all my life and now I am a member of an incredible team of professionals whose only goal every day is excellence.  A Divine Event is my perfect match!”
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Rachel_low_resRachel Free

Event Planner

Rachel Free Is one of the bright new stars at A Divine Event.  With three years experience in managing events of all shapes and sizes, Rachel has found the perfect mix of professionalism and fun when it comes to the events she coordinates. Read More >

“ I will never forget the first event I worked for A Divine Event.  I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but by the end of the night I knew that working for A Divine Event was something I wanted to do long term. I have never felt so passionate about my work.”
Rachel stated her career in catering as a server, and then a bartender and eventually became an Event Manager. It soon became apparent that she was exactly the kind of personality that makes a great Event Planner.  It’s a position that Rachel finds speaks to her strengths and passions.
“There is not anything more priceless than seeing a blushing bride smile in excitement on her wedding day, and knowing I was park of making her dreams come true makes me feel great.”
Her ‘can do’ attitude is a the heart of what makes A Divine Event’s service stand above and beyond anyone else. To Rachel, every client is the most important client and every event should be a Divine Event. 
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Josh smallJosh Terrell

Director of Operations

With over ten years of experience as Director of Operations in both on and off-premise catering, Josh Terrell has an exceptional knowledge of special event production and the hospitality industry as a whole. His ability to learn new concepts quickly, work well under pressure along with his outstanding work ethic and leadership skills have proved time and again to contribute to the success of many of our award-winning special events.Read More >

Josh has managed off-premise special events at many of Atlanta’s most prestigious venues such as Woodruff Arts Center & High Museum of Art, Atlanta History Center, World of Coca Cola and the private homes of many politicians & CEO’s. The bulk of his career with our sister company, Magic Moments, was heading up the task of managing our operations team and core production staff as well as overseeing the maintenance of venue property and grounds. He rejoined the off-premise side of our company as the Director of Warehouse Operations in 2014.

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StephanieStephanie Cadwell

Event Planner

Having started her career in the medical industry, Stephanie always knew she loved helping people, but was not 100% satisfied in her field.  Looking for a career that complimented her creative side, she quickly felt at home in the Planning & Event Managing Department at A Divine Event. Planning every detail down to the last fork as a Planner and being able to execute those details as an Event Manager, she definitely found her professional niche in the event industry. Read More >

“It’s a true joy being able to see the look on a Bride’s face when she walks into her reception space for the first time on her big day,” she says.  Stephanie feels being able to contribute to the joy of someone’s big day is such an honor. “There is nothing like seeing all the planning details come together the day of the event!” 
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LauraLaura Ulshafer

Front Desk Coordinator

Laura graduated from Kennesaw State University in December of 2013 with a BA in Business Management/Hospitality and a minor in Spanish. It became obvious to her that she had a passion for this industry while she interned at a few Event Management companies in Atlanta.  She joined us at A Divine Event in February of 2014 as part of our Wait Staff Team, and she was quickly promoted to Event Manager. With a strong passion and work ethic, Laura has now joined us in the main office.  Read More >

Laura knew from her senior year of high school, back in 2009, that she was destined to work with events. Choosing this career seemed like a natural fit for her and it goes along with what she believes: Love what you do, and do what you love. She is so excited to be part of the full time team and is looking forward to a long and rewarding career with A Divine Event.
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WendysmallWendy Collier

Accounting Manager

Wendy studied Accounting at Lipscomb University in Nashville before moving to Atlanta 15 years ago.  She started in Sales with our sister company Magic Moments in 2005 and has been with A Divine Event for 3 years now.  She transitioned out of Sales and into our Accounting and HR departments, handling various aspects of the business ranging from Accounts Receivable to Benefits Administration. Read More >

She feels very blessed to work for such a wonderful company.  "I have a really great job, it's the best of both worlds. I love that I get to work with numbers.  They are concrete and logical which is how my brain works. On the other hand, I'm surrounded by this amazing team of talented and super creative individuals who consistently inspire and challenge me." 
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a-1Mark Kowal

Executive Sous Chef

Chef Mark Kowal joined A Divine Event as a transplant from Boston Massachusetts. Mark has worked as a chef in the catering field for the past 15 years, working for some of the best catering companies in the Boston market where he honed his skills as a catering chef. Born in upstate New York where he learned the love of food from his mother’s skills as a cook and baker. Cooking for family gatherings and working in his uncles catering company as a young boy helped mold him towards his career today. Read More >


         Leaving Buffalo New York at the age of 18 and traveling the country, then the world as a member of the US Navy, Mark got the chance to experience life from many angles. Mark believes the knowledge he learned from owning a blues club and restaurant, working as a traveling chef running large functions at sporting events and touring with Tyler Perry as his personal chef, has given him a great insight on how to give a special touch to any and all events.

“I love the high energy and creative latitudes that come with working for a company that thrives to be the best at what we do. Moving back to Atlanta and working in this market has shown me that people everywhere love great food and exciting events. It makes me smile and extremely proud to know that I am a part of making this happen for our guests!”

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AlyssaAlyssa Craig

Kitchen Manager

As a teenager, Alyssa always knew she wanted to be a Chef. “I never considered any career besides cooking,” she recalls. “I decided when I was very young, and I have been on that path ever since.” She went straight into culinary school from high school, graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, and then diving straight into a Business Management degree at Kennesaw State University.  Alyssa is very well rounded, having worked both Front-of-the-house and back-of-the house, from an Italian restaurant to a Country Club. During her five year career with the Country Club, she was able to hone her skills and discover a deeper interest in catering events beyond the club. Her experiences in school and work have shaped her to become an excellent Kitchen Manager. Read More >

Alyssa says her favorite part of working with A Divine Event is seeing the final event come together. She says, “It really shows how hard the whole team worked, and all the passion and talent that goes into each part of the event.” Even when she is away from work, Alyssa is always planning parties. From friend’s weddings to Halloween, Alyssa exhibits her creativity and hard work.
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Nicole Hufnagel

Creative Director

As the company’s creative director, Nicole Hufnagel is a rarity in the design industry having not only a fresh and innovative approach to design, she also has a firm grasp on the young world of social media.  Pushing to utilize web tools like Pinterest, she has helped mainstream our Design Studio giving clients a whole new world of possibilities for their upcoming event. Read More >

Being with this company for 13 years has taught her a lot, but she embraces that there’s still so much to do and learn with every day as a new and exciting experience. “This is a career you can do for years and still learn something new every day.” Hufnagel has done everything from sales to purchasing but her true talent lies in design. “Flowers are already a work of art, so to be able to showcase them in a natural yet creative form is my passion. “

Having another passion for helping others, Nicole helped push our company’s charity organization “A Divine Intervention” into its 2nd year with helping out Q100’s “Bert’s Big Adventure” by donating one of our well known “Couture Weddings” thus raising thousands of dollars for this wonderful charity. “I love big, challenging events. They make our entire company come together as a team and push our unique talents to their fullest potential.” 

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Matt_SmallMatt Day

Design Studio General Manager

Matt grew up working in the event business.  Whether it was cleaning base boards or managing events, he’s done quite a bit.   This industry has always held a special place in his heart because of the camaraderie this work brings out in people.  “It takes everyone working together to pull these events off and the satisfaction that comes with a successful event is tremendously infectious.” Read More >

After graduating from UGA in 2006 he left school not really knowing which direction to take.  Being reluctant to join the “Family Biz” he entered the corporate world to get a feel for that life.  Well….surprise, surprise….he hated it.  He quickly came to the realization that he needed more than just a paycheck when it came to employment.  He needed to do something that was meaningful.  After much deliberation, he finally came to the conclusion that being a part of something your family created brings with it sense of pride that is unique to family run businesses.  “Working along side the people who mean the world to me and being able to build something together is more than I could ask for.  I’m humbled to work with people who share the same passion to make this company special.”

When people talk about him he often hears the phrase “still waters run deep”, a description he’s come to really embrace.  Matt’s approach to work is very analytical and he brings much thought and deliberation to the table.  He’s always prided himself on his thirst for knowledge and this job is constantly challenging him to develop new ways of thinking. 

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SaraSara Gagnon

Design Studio Sales Director

At an early age, Sara got a job in a flower shop and learned the trade of floral design. Being a creative soul with a lot of courage, at 18 she competed at the state level in floral design in her home state of South Carolina.  When it was time for college, she moved to Atlanta and attended The Atlanta College of Art and graduated with a degree in Graphic Communication and Graphic Design. After several years in the design field she opened her own antique shop and transitioned into interior design with a long list of clients, but never left her floral design roots. She was named North Georgia designer of the year and later became a judge of floral design competitions. Read More >


Sara worked with A Divine Event’s sister company, Magic Moments, for many years as a Head Designer and later became the Design Sales Director. Sara helps create the magic and ambiance of an event with her extensive knowledge of flowers, attention to detail, and 27 years of experience pulling it all together.

“I love the creative aspect of what I do to assist clients in making their event a moment that is one they will never forget. I first seek to understand a client’s ideas before I give my opinion. I find the answers that are deep down inside of each client.  If I ask the right questions, I will unlock the details. I like to think of myself as the key to unlock and to assist in the process. Having a diverse background in design I find it comes in very useful.

Our team of designers are some of the best in the city! It’s a joy and passion to create a “divine” event for our clients. The most rewarding moment is when you see a client’s vision come to life on the big day and be so surprised with joy!”
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Harry_SmallHarry Fifield
On-Premise Design Studio Sales

At the age of 17 Harry got his first job in a local flower shop and has remained in the industry, in one capacity or another, for 43 years now. He met his lovely wife in the late 70s and was married, opened their own retail flower business and began raising a family. In the late 90s they sold their business and spent the next decade in sales and purchasing for an international wholesaler while freelancing for a small event company. Read More >

“I truly came to love the floral industry at a very young age and have been so excited by the creative and professional experience A Divine Event has offered me.”

“While working in sales at the Design Studio, I am always thrilled by the excitement and joy from each bride as we bring their ideas to life and create the wedding they have always imagined...or better!” And the lists are just a means to an end—that being the delight of her clients. "I love to see a vision become a reality when an event comes together," she says. "Planning often takes a lot of long hours and a lot of double checking, but the result is totally worth it. There's really no greater thrill than seeing a client completely happy with an event."

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Terry_low_resTerry Schwennesen


As an innovator and veteran of the Atlanta event décor industry, Terry's career has come full circle.   Having owned his own company for many years and working with many of the leading décor company’s in Atlanta, Terry brings his passion and creativity about the look and concept of an event to A Divine Event. He has been a designer since childhood, from starting a small garden of his own, to landscaping, interior design and event design. Read More >

Working with budgets from small to large, Terry can design your event around the venue and the theme of your chosing.  Taking the time to listen to the client and understanding the vision they have is his first priority. He has worked on events from Jane Fonda’s birthday to small dinner parties of five and he becomes a magician with décor when his wheels start turning. From contemporary to classic design his passion covers the spectrum and has helped him become one of Atlanta's top designers.
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Donna_low_resDonna Holland

Director of Human Resources

After ‘accidentally’ falling into the catering business over 20 years ago, Donna Holland has worn many hats at both A Divine Event and sister company Magic Moments.

“I think I was actually the very first employee at Magic Moments.  Kendall and Teresa asked me to help with their first event and I was bussing tables and washing dishes.  They must have liked the way I did something, because they kept asking me to come back for each event.” Read More >

Eventually becoming responsible for the culinary department, Donna helped develop menus, recipes, ordering & supply processes, and quality control systems.  After a brief period living in Colorado with her two children, Donna returned to Magic Moments as an Event Planner and then moved into the accounting department, where she was responsible for payroll and bookkeeping.  

Now Director of Human Resources, Donna is helping guide the company into the next generation.

“Over the years I have been able to gain experience in every aspect of the catering and event industry.  I am a true ‘foodie’ still, but being able to work with so many great people, many for over two decades, I know that a ‘Divine’ event cannot occur without a ‘Divine’ staff.  And that’s exactly what we have here.  When our clients tell us how happy they were with their event, they almost always make specific mention of how great the staff was.  From the operations team, to the culinary and event staff, each person makes their contribution to the success of the events, and the clients see their efforts in the end result.”
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Jackie McVaugh

Lead Designer

Jackie was born in Reading, Pa and moved to Atlanta in 1976. Her love and appreciation for flowers started in 1989 when she attended Tuxedo Center in Atlanta. There she learned all aspects of floral design and received a certification in both Fulton and Dekalb County. Through the years, she has kept up with the ever-changing trends of the design industry by attending several design workshops and receiving a certification as a Master Gardener. Read More >

In 2002, she graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta receiving a Graphic Design degree. Using some of her learned skills, she has created experimental abstract mixed medium art and she is currently a member of Kudzu Art Zone. At A Divine Event, she brings her experience and vision to the Design Studio.
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Javi_smallJavier Rodriguez
Venue Operations Manager

Javier is a bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades.  Throughout his career, Javier has worked in many different industries.  From managing a wholesale grocery business back in Mexico to remodeling homes here in the States, he has done quite a bit.  For the last 10 years, Javier has been in the Special Event Industry.  In 2004, Javier began working for A Divine Event as a dishwasher but quickly moved up in the company.   Due to his admirable work ethic and impeccable character, he has progressed in the business and is now the Operations Manager for A Divine Event Design Studio. Read More >

Always willing to lend a hand, Javier has become integral to the day to day operations at the Design Studio.  Throughout our company, Javier is known for his "devilish" sense of humor.  Just ask anyone and I'm sure they have a story about some prank where Javier was the mastermind.
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Kelly_smallKelly Schabel

Design Studio Sales Assistant

Kelly graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Theatre in 2009, with an emphasis on design.  Kelly discovered a love for makeup, specifically special effects, when she decided to take a Stage Makeup class with one of her favorite professors.  “I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, and I certainly didn’t expect it to pull me in and really make me work hard for results.  That was where I really began to unlock my creative side.  Read More >

From there, I branched out into costumes and sewing, dabbled in the art of millinery, and finally broke down and actually learned to draw.”  She has always been fascinated with design – the moment when inspiration strikes, the battle to get it down on paper, the translation to reality, and that finale of actually seeing, touching, experiencing what you created.


After college she worked for a year in the world of makeup, creating her own little masterpieces on the faces of the women she worked with, and even a few brides, before she came to work for A Divine Event’s Design Studio.  Now as a full-time fixture at the Design Studio, she is so thrilled to be a part of the event design process, to facilitate progress and assist our talented designers in whatever way possible. 

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